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Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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Carbon Bomb Power

The whole world wetlands host around 771 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide and methane, which is equal to 20 percent of the global storage of carbon dioxide.

If people of wetlands are damaged they can release this strong bomb coal and unleash a climate after the destruction of the earth. As if we were in bad enough shape as it is. Climate change and progress is destroying large areas of wetland, as they are drained, or be developed further, massive stores of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere.

We must all wetlands in the world emit any store greenhouse gases, there could be a rapid and catastrophic rise in global temperature. The chances for all these gases are released, of course, very slim. But even a small portion will have a significant impact.

Wetlands cover States States, delta rivers, flood plains of rivers, lagoons, mangroves, peat bogs and even and tundra. These wetlands are roughly 6% of the land surface of the planet, but kept 20% of carbon dioxide. Previously these wetlands have been devastated, seen as an impediment rather than an aid to culture. In the past century almost 59% of these wetlands have been destroyed worldwide. This has arisen through drainage for agriculture in particular, although other types of urban development have also contributed, such as cutting peat and groundwater pumping.

Increase in sea level could also change the salt content of these wetlands and in some cases submerse them exclusively. As with so many issues global warming, it is not possible to predict the precise impact of this "carbon bomb." All the same it is for certain is that it is much cheaper and more sustainable for the restoration of wetlands, rather than trying to create artificial floods in full flow of more frequent and devastating storms and floods, the chances for a warmer planet.

A more difficult problem to find a solution for the northern tundra where billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide is the commitment made in the territory. The global rise in temperature will be broadcast, fuelling more warming in a vicious circle without end. This exemption may be unavoidable in the northern climes, but there is still time for the warmer wetlands to be restored.

I suspect that it is all down to priorities once again. Wetlands are worthless public image as a significant waste of land that could be used for more beneficial purposes. And yet we are much more in favour of saving the rain forest. Both wetlands and tropical forests must be maintained on an equal footing, and perhaps if we are better educated about environmental benefits of the wetlands, we can still stave off the bomb coal.

Mirrors and smoke

It has been 20 years since the NASA of James E. Hansen, testified before Congress a joint hearing, that there was a strong "cause and effect" relationship between "present" climate and emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The conditions that prevailed then in 1988 was a major heat wave and drought in the eastern U.S. Public bit.

Two days later, 70 percent of respondents in the CNN poll agreed with the suggestion that the misery of 1988 caused by global warming. But in reality, not a climate scientist can ever accuse a person weather phenomenon, as the heat wave and drought on global warming.

Hansen testified that year included a chart of annual temperatures, with a dramatic spike on the final point in January-May temperatures. He knew, like any scientist, that a sample of monthly data will vary much more than the annual temperatures, and that monthly data could give a false sense of extremely hot (or cold) conditions, compared with annual temperatures.
On 23 June 1988, has surrendered to the testimony of an unusually toasty hearing room. Why were so hot? As then-Sen. Tim Wirth (D., Colo.), A few years later told ABC the Frontline: "We went the night before and opened all the windows, I would say, right, so that the air conditioning was not working inside the room ... It was really hot. "

Every scientist knows the climate there was some slight, not - zero - a net change in surface temperatures over the last ten years, as shown in the climate history of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

If you do not throw in a volcano (there was not a decent one in the last decade), does not apply 1988, Hansen models predict what really happened. It is very simple predicted warming, particularly over the past ten years. In other words, Hansen 1988, the forecasts were categorically wrong about the extent of global warming.

Like Hansen, environmental NGOs, such as Rainforest Network (RAN), the Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth (FOE), wetlands and have never been reluctant to employ smoke and mirrors and stagecraft for their cause.

RAN for one, recently made some wild allegations that Malaysia plans to increase palm plantations than a million acres and that the orang utan may go extinct by 2011.

How can increase Malaysia plantations than a million acres, RAN does not say. After all, Malaysia is a small country with a land mass of only 328000 square kilometers. Despite being the world's largest producer of sustainable palm oil, and although it has developed palm oil plantations for more than a hundred years, Malaysia could still boast forest cover more than 65% which is much higher than 20% of Forests cover usually in the industrialized countries of the West, which lobbies as RAN appeared to take this unconscionable attitude towards palm oil! Take the state of Sarawak, Malaysia which is the most active in developing palm plantations. The agricultural to forest ratio is 8%: 76%. Compare that with the United Kingdom for example. The United Kingdom has the typical Western nation in agricultural forest profile ratio of 70%: 12%. It is time to RAN comes from a moral stance!

However, it is their claim that they can go orang utans disappear by 2011, a brief period of three years from the time reveals how reliable is this organization! While it is true that the most recent estimate for the Sumatran Orangutan is about 7300 people in the wild (i) Bornean Orangutan while the population is between 45000 and 69000. (ii) How can the orang utan, by any reasonable leap of imagination or section, go extinct within 3 years. This is tantamount to offend the intelligence of the RAN and supporters of symapathizers! Moreover, maintaining large centres had been established in Indonesia, including those in Tanjung Putting National Park in Central Kalimantan, Kutai in East Kalimantan, Gunung Palung National Park in West Kalimantan, and Bukit Lawang in Gunung Leuser National Park on the border of Aceh and North Sumatra. In Malaysia, conservation areas have been created and which include the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre in Sarawak and Matang Wildlife Centre also in Sarawak, and the Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary near Sandakan Sabah. The palm oil in Malaysia has also recently launched the Malaysian palm oil Wildlife Conservation Fund at the International Conference palm oil Sustainability. Malaysia has also signed the Convention on Biological Diversity (1992).

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